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jiāo-méi kē

jiāo-méi kē

sazai-chime-dori ka


Họ Khướư đất đuôi cụt

■ Pnoepygidae: CN
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Information is from dictionaries and other sources. Pinyin reflects Mandarin pronunciation; for some dialect names, it is no more than a polite fiction. Korean glosses are tentative. Comments and corrections welcome. Hover over Green Lettering Green lettering at this site hides a tool tip with glosses, further explanations, etc. Hover cursor to reveal. to see additional information.

The Pnoepygidae are a small family resulting from the split-up of the Timaliidae assemblage. (Others include the Timaliidae, Pellorneidae, Leiothrichidae, and Vireonidae, and parts of the Zosteropidae and Sylviidae.) The names of the Pnoepygidae are ornithological in nature.

Ornithological names

The earliest proposed Chinese names for the genus Pnoepyga (from Chinese Birds (35) published in 1927) used the name 鹪鹩 jiāoliáo 'wren' since they were regarded as 'wrens' (Troglodytidae).

The current name, 鹪鹛 jiāo-méi 'wren-babbler', is modelled on the English ornithological name 'wren-babbler', which arose as a result of a later assignment of the genus to the Timaliidae (babblers). The Chinese name is a two-character compound of the type favoured in Chinese. It consists of:

1. jiāo, the first character in 鹪鹩 jiāoliáo 'wren'. The name 鹪鹛 jiāo-méi 'wren-babbler' is shared with Napothera, a genus now assigned to the Pellorneidae.

2. méi, a relatively new general term equivalent to English 'babbler'. The origin of méi can be found in the well-known 画眉 huà-méi 'painted eyebrow' (Garrulax canorus, the Hwamei or Melodious Laughing-Thrush, now a member of the Leiothrichidae), where the second part of the name -- méi 'eyebrow' -- was repurposed as a general name for the babblers. The character used to write this new word, méi, is an interesting example of how new characters are created in Chinese: it combines méi 'eyebrow' with the bird radical .

Interestingly, a second term for 'wren-babbler' was created by combining the second character in the word for 'wren', liáo, with méi, giving 鹩鹛 liáo-méi. This is used for the genera Rimator (Pellorneidae), Spelaeornis, and Stachyris (both Timaliidae).

Species names

Chinese (Taiwan)
Other Ch
Pnoepyga immaculata Nepal Wren Babbler 尼泊尔鹪鹛
níbó'ěr jiāo-méi
'Nepalese wren-babbler'
nepāru sazai chime-dori
'Nepalese wren babbler-bird' (Internet)
Pnoepyga albiventer
link to photo
Scaly-breasted wren-babbler
Scaly-breasted wren babbler
Greater wren babbler
Scaly-breasted Cupwing
lín-xiōng jiāo-méi
'scaly breasted wren-babbler' (1, 2, 3, 4, 36)
dà lín-xiōng jiāo-méi
'large scaly-breasted wren-babbler' (5)
dà lín-jiāo-méi
'large scaly wren-babbler' (alt in 5)
bái-fù jiāo-méi
'white-bellied wren-babbler' (6)
hime sazai chime-dori
'princess wren babbler-bird'
  Chim Khướư đất đuôi cụt
'short-tailed ground-babbler (bird)' (12, 34)
Pnoepyga pusilla
link to photo
Pygmy wren-babbler
Pygmy scaly-breasted wren babbler
Lesser wren babbler
Lesser Scaly-breasted Wren Babbler
Pygmy Cupwing
xiǎo lín-xiōng jiāo-méi
'small scale-breasted wren-babbler'
xiǎo lín-jiāo-méi
'small scaly wren-babbler' (alt in 1, 5)
xiǎo jiāo-méi
'small wren-babbler' (6, 7)
takasago misosazai
'Taiwanese wren'
  Chim Khướư đất đuôi cụt Pigmi
'pygmy short-tailed ground-babbler (bird)' (12)

Бор bor as an adjective means either 'grey, brown, dun', or 'stubborn'. It is used in some bird names as a noun, including names for the nightjars, reed warblers, Reed Parrotbill, and leiothrix. The common thread is unclear, and the meaning likely differs according to the bird, with nightjars possibly being regarded as 'stubborn', and others as being 'small brownish birds'.

The word Шагшуурга shagshuurag has two main meanings in Mongolian: 'dew' or 'hoarfrost', and 'reed'. As a bird name, it is used in Шагшуурга бялзуухай shagshuurag byalzuukhai, which is the name of a kind of reed warbler and assigned to the genus Panurus in the most recent ornithological naming in Mongolia. In ornithological Inner Mongolian, it is used as a name for the babblers. The shortened form Шагшуур shagshuur is used for the bulbuls.

Originally classified as Pnoepyga pusilla, later reassigned to Pnoepyga albiventer.

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